4 Best tips on how to clean your phone Properly

Smart phones have to withstand not only intensive “electronic” use every day, but also the constant attack of greasy fingers, scratching dust and skin dirt. Learn How to use back camera in omegle: However, sticky screens can be avoided, you just need to know and follow the basic rules of phone hygiene.

The press release contains the advice of Arnold Lukošiaus, an expert at the “Tele2 Innovation Office”, which will keep your smartphone always looking like new.

Pantyhose = scratched screen

The screen is the most sensitive and the most dirty part of the smartphone, which requires special attention to care. ;Clean it only with a special microfiber cloth. Keep it clean, as even the tiniest grain of sand in a cloth can scratch the screen, and scratches significantly reduce the impact resistance of the screen.

For the same reason, it is not recommended to clean the screen with a paper towel or just in your pants. By the way, since the backs of many modern flagships are often also made of glass, their care should be the same as that of screens.

Chemicals: to use or not to use?

It is very important to remember that cleaners containing alcohol, acetone, vinegar or other acids should not be used for screen care. The phone screen is coated with an oil-repellent material and such cleaners can damage it.

It is best to simply moisten the microfiber cloth with water, and if the phone is resistant to it, you can even put the screen under a running current. Of course, it is best cleaned with cleaners specially designed for display glass. Not only do they safely remove greasy fingerprints, they also kill bacteria and help polish existing micro-scratches.

Air jet and ear picks for nests

The charging, headphone, SIM and Micro SD card slots as well as the microphone and speaker cavities require special attention. If these areas become dirty, it is not recommended to use any cleaners, even if the phone is waterproof. In such cases, it is best to blow out the dirt with a can of compressed air, which can be purchased at any electronic parts store.

If the canister does not help, you can try ear picks. It is true that they are advised to be used carefully to avoid damage to small details. By the way, the area of ​​the selfie camera should be cleaned very carefully, because several sensors are installed near it, and if they get dirty, the phone starts to go on strike.

Clean or store?

Frequent and thorough cleaning of the phone can be avoided by using the right dirt protection. One of them is a protective phone case that also covers the screen. Such a case, every time it is closed, will clean the glass, and dirt will not reach the case and speakers.

Those who want a bare phone are advised to try a liquid screen coating with nano particles. They not only prevent the breeding of bacteria, but also provide additional resistance to water and scratches. An alternative option that protects the glass from scratches and dirt is a protective, transparent film that is stuck directly on the screen