Everything you need to know about electronic battleship game

You can play electronic battleship game from just anywhere. This is because the game runs on battery and you can even make it work on electricity. Thus, it is easy handling the game. You can play the game when travelling for a long time. This is a real time boredom killer. The game comes with several special features and these put together make the game more interesting. You can have the game in your laptop and thus you can easily store the game when it is not in use. The advantage of playing this game on electricity is that you won’t lose the pegs which usually happen at the time of playing a board game.

The game comes with great sound and this makes it even more interesting. Moreover, when a ship hits you can know through a sound and when there is a fire miss you even come to know about it through a sound. This is the prime gaming strategy.

You can easily choose an instant set up and start playing. For this you need to have a look at the code book which usually comes with the game. In this way you come to know where to place the ships and in the process you can easily enjoy 100 variant combinations and all these are mentioned in the codebook. In the game you have to work out your way before you would want to manually program the ideal place of the ship. In case you would want to try out things manually you need to enter the coordinates for all the particular ships. There are 17 coordinates in all.
You have five coordinates for an aircraft carrier; you have 4 coordinates for a battleship, you have three for each of the destroyers as well as the submarines. You even have two for each of the patrol boat. The game is all about defensing and attacking.

This is a kind of educational game and you are sure to improve with every move of the game. This enhances your logical thinking and reasoning and you can develop thinking with the game. For more information on this amazing game feel free to visit: Battleship-game.net website where you can find everything about it.