Flash Mob Slovenia

Flash mob, surprise people through dance


People who had no idea what a flash mob is and watched the movie “Friends With Benefits” are now probably aware of what this term means and what an amazing idea it actually represents. For those of you didn’t see the movie and still can’t find an explanation for this phrase, you should know that it basically consists in a group of people that gather in a public place and start dancing suddenly, suprising the other people who are around them at the time.

A flash mob consists in a carefully chosen choreography by the one who comes up with the idea of getting people to dance in a certain public area in the first place. The great thing about this type of dance is that it is done simply for fun, without any political, advertising or commercial purposes behind them.

If you’re wondering how a flash mob looks like, picture Time Square for a moment. That place is usually full of people who are walking every day to and from their work place, being caught up in their problems. At a particular moment, someone dressed exactly like the other people who are walking by, like a serious business man for example starts with a sudden move.


The majority of choreography styles are based on hip hop because they are full of life and they express a certain point of view or attitude in a better way. Therefore, you are going to come across many flash mobs who involve this kind of music genre. As stated before, once the first person starts busting a move, a second and a third one is going to join in the dance as well.

Depending on the size of the group, the other people who are involved in this action are also going to start dancing. These events are simply created for the purpose of lightening up the day of the people who pass by, making them smile and forget all about their problems.