Is green tea good for you really

How it started

People in China and Japan consumed green tea in large quantities. So as time went people from Western Countries hear about green tea and here it is today also highly valued and people consumed it a lot. Many people know that green tea is very healthy and it is very beneficial for human health, but only a few understand the real meaning of green tea. National medicine believed that green tea cure almost all diseases, from headache, toothache, and to mental illness, for example depression.

Today is a scientifically proven beneficial effects of green tea, so it is recommended to drink more. Is green tea good for you really ?Green tea is healthy in normal amounts if you drink it a lot of it can lead to insomnia.11239264_f260


Secret of green tea

The green tea has over 300 components and this combination gives efficient results for health. Green tea is rich in polyphenols, especially EGCG, the label that is a powerful antioxidant. Green tea contains caffeine, which stimulates digestion. The amount of caffeine is less than in coffee as well as tea can be drunk several times a day without having to introduce too much caffeine.

These are the features of green tea, which give him the title of “Tea for Healthy Weight Loss”

*strengthen the heart and circulatory system

*reduce bad (LDL) cholesterol

*speeding up metabolism

*regulation of blood sugar levels

*giving a feeling of fullness without extra calories

All these features give it an advantage over other teas and because of that we consume it .11239265_f260


How much it is harmful for our health ?

This is a good question. Whatever we consume has its negative effects including green tea .

Green tea contains caffeine which can cause rapid heartbeat and insomnia. Caffeine is good for pregnant women because caffeine remains in the placenta, so expectant mothers should avoid drinks containing this ingredient.

Green tea contains tannin, which can limit the absorption of iron from fruits and vegetables. But if you drink tea with lemon (vitamin C) it will cancel this effect.

Green tea should not be mixed with a variety of medications, precisely because it contains caffeine. To know exactly what you can drink and what not, consult your doctor, especially if you have a medical history. Be careful It is for your own good.



What do you think about green tea, is it more healthy than harmful?11239266_f260






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