Island Pag and amazing beach Zrče in Croatia

Island of Pag has scores of beaches and villages

On the northern part of the Croatian coast lies the Island of Pag, that is in itself a tourist place with many beautiful beaches and small villages. It has a very long coastline and has a population of 8000. The area of the island is divided between two counties and administered accordingly. Because of a very long coastline, the island of Pag had an abundance of salt and salt making has been an important economic activity of the people of the island. Of late, the island has become very popular among party goers because of an active nightlife that attracts thousands from all parts of the world.

Beach Zrce is one beach that excites party animals

There are many beaches on this long coastline of Pag Island that are all very beautiful, but beach Zrce needs special mention because of it being infested with discotheques and bars that are open all night long and make for a perfect destination for music and party. Among partygoers, this is one Croatian destination that provides natural scenery, party, and music which is mesmerizing and captivating. Beach Zrce is full of white pebbles and sand like many others, but what makes it unique is the presence of bars and discotheques to make it irresistible for the party goers.

Party time all night long

Zrce has a long straight stretch with three open air clubs full of entertainment in the form of loud music and alcohol that can be enjoyed whole night. Zrce is called the party beach among hundreds of beaches with these three clubs namely Papaya, Kalypso, and Aquarius operating all night long providing entertainment to all party and music lovers. Zrce is close to the town of Novalja and the longest coastline among all the beaches in the island of Pag. The beach is easily accessible from the town of Novalja and a few minutes ride on a shuttle bus that takes and drops tourists on a regular basis. However, one can come to the beach on his own car and park the car in a large parking area in front of the beach area.

Though the beach is primarily visited by party goers, with families avoiding this beach in favor of other family oriented beaches, there are all facilities of water sports and other facilities meant for kids to keep families interested. For more information on Croatian Islands feel free to visit: