How Obama Win

A few things concerning the debate between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney


Mitt Romney’s mistakes during his speeches

 Barack Obama, Barack Obama

Without being in favor of Barack Obama at all, it’s hard not to come to the conclusion that Mitt Romney has made some important mistakes during the debates which took place in the past month. First of all, a sentence that belongs to him consists in the following words “I’m not concerned about the very poor” and which says a lot about his mentality that is basically Republican. As a presidential candidate, this was a very wrong thing to say considering the fact that the majority of his voters find themselves in a difficult financial situation. On the other hand, he accused the current president Barack Obama, who is also a presidential candidate right now, that he was responsible for the lost lives of the four American soldiers during the U.S mission in Libya. In essence, by attacking Obama this way, he only put his opponent in a favorable light anyone would be on his side regarding this matter.


The role of social media sites in the Obama-Romney debate


There is no doubt that in this presidential campaign, social media sites have played a more important role than in the previous ones mainly because they are now used by millions of people, the majority of them being United States citizens. Twitter has been the second stage for both of the candidates, posting their ideas which were conveyed in 150 words and most of them were addressed more or less directly against each other. At the same time, regular people’s opinions had more visibility than in other campaigns thanks to Twitter as well. Honest, realistic and amusing, those tweets were picked out and published on some blogs and websites. For example, one tweet goes like this: “Before you accuse Romney of not caring about the unemployed, keep in mind he’s been trying to get a new job for a YEAR.” posted by Matt Roller, a blogger known in the online environment