Online Continuing Medical Education (CME)

CME is crucial part of every doctor. They need to educate to extend their license. At the same time, they need to obtain new knowledge and refresh old one. Keeping up-to-date with latest medical findings is important for patients’ healthcare. Because of the busy schedule they don’t have time to go to library and find books. Even those are outdated and mostly offer limited visualization. We cannot put picture gallery in the book as we are limited with number of pages. Doctors can also subscribe to medical magazines like Popular Science or LifeExtension, but they also offer limited learning experience. If budget allows, they can attend conferences and symposiums to meet with colleagues. But with number of live events decreasing, there has to be another way.

Internet. It has been around for some time, but some industries are still far behind with adapting it as primary work tool. Of course, we need to be extra careful when it comes to medicine. What you read on the internet in most cases is not true. So sure we don’t want our doctor to learn incorrect things. But still, offering online medical education is the future. There are many tools and solution, but most of them are not adapted to doctors learning process. They need something especially built for their needs. Something they can use on daily basis to get relevant information to their practice. Something they can relate to and connect with similar doctors. Something to visualize new methods or products. But is there a tool for that?

MEDinar is online continuing medical education (CME) platform provider. It help medical companies to organize and host webinars. They are based on multi-communication video technology, which offer simulation of live event. Medical companies share latest findings and achievements and inform doctors. Doctors can attend webinars and communicate with other colleagues. They ask questions, share photos and videos and take online notes. On the end, they can take exam to verify their knowledge and obtain valuable CME credits. Medical companies on the end of webinar get valuable information about doctors’ problems and suggestions.

Benefit of using CME platforms is to create new online channel for communicating between medical companies and doctors. They need to work together. As many past projects have shown, medicine and industry produce excellent results together. But CME needs to stay at vocal point. It needs to provide doctors a valuable source of the information. If they will trust information on the internet, is has to be presented on the secure and trustworthy way. Having a CME platform as MEDinar will help everyone. Medical companies will build a trustworthy online link with doctors and doctors will have a sustainable and verified source of information. It will also be handy, as MEDinar offers also tablet and mobile CME. Everything that modern doctor’s needs.