Top 10 Racing Games Toca Race Driver 3

Toca race driver 3 is the third game of Toca racing series and has been released more or less on all ”big” platforms. The game that came out about seven years ago has the reputation of one of the most popular racing games of all time. Toca race driver 3 was one of my first simpaties of pc racing games and for the long time it was on my top 10 racing games list.

It was always different in comparison to other racing games as it doesn’t have just one main type of racing, but much more than just one. Why this game was so popular at its time is because it includes more than 100 championships and 35 racing types in three different gaming modes such as World Tour, Pro Career and Free Race. Player has the option to take a challenge with open wheelers, GT cars, rally cars, to race on oval or even try his or hers skills on off-road course. Besides tons of racing styles the driver can also choose from a lot of different cars and drive on 80 challenging tracks.

The game is based on a solid simulation type of driving. Actually, it was one of the first sim racing game series that can be called simulation. From the moment you start the game, you are directly involved in racing action. Before that of course you have to create your profile and then, you are actually launched directly into the live racing action where you are put on the back of the grid and need to catch up with other drivers. On the team radio, a Scottish gentleman feeds you directions on how to control your vehicle in the right way. Personally, this is the game intro that I like very much, because you are straight away taught how this game is played, so you don’t have to be a detective to discover the most important things in the Toca race driver 3 game.

If we consider that the product was made more than half a decade ago we can see that AI is very realistic and competitive. Of course it is not developed as good as for the example F1 game 2012 item but it will do what it supposed to do in the first place. AI drivers will stick to their racing lines as steadfastly as they can, but if there occurs a crash, they will try to avoid it. As in any other great game you will see your opponents overtake one another, occasionally wreck themselves, and generally behave as a real racer should. All that of course depends of difficulty that is set by you.