What Are the Different Types of Paints You Can Use on Your Car

Some people are happy with the way their car looks, and can cope just fine with it. Others however, enjoy customizing the look of their vehicle to make it appear more unique. A lot of these people turn to automotive spray painting to alter the outer appearance of their vehicle. Car respray is the process of spraying paint onto a car to change the color of it. So, hat are the different types of paints you can use on your car? Truth is there are many different types of paints one can use on their car, and they are all unique.

The first and most common type of paint is known as nitro-cellulose paint. Nitro-cellulose paint is the most common due to it’s cheap cost. However, it is also very toxic and special precautions much be measured when using it, or else injury may occur. It is most commonly applied using spray painting. However, it also requires to be polished several times after drying in order to achieve a glossy finish. So while nitro-cellulose paint is the cheapest option, it also requires a lot of hard work and can be a rather difficult paint to use.

Another common type of car paint utilized is isocyanate paint, also known as two-pack paint. This paint is favored by many due to it’s durability. It tends to last much longer than cellulose paint does. Another benefit of two-pack paint is it’s lack of application time. It takes much less time to be applied than nitro-cellulose paint. However, this paint is even more toxic than cellulose paint. It is recommended that a mask is worn when using it, for it can cause serious medical issues. It’s probably best to have a professional work on it if this paint is chosen to be utilized, it can be very dangerous.

The final type of car paint to discuss is water based paint. Water based paint is not nearly as toxic as two pack paint or cellulose paint, and is therefore much safer to use. However, even though it is safer, it is still recommended that a professional car painter applies it to the car. Water based paint is much harder to apply than the other types of paint. All in all, cellulose paint is recommended for personal use in repainting a car.