Winter trip with motorhome

How prepare vehicles for winter

Heating must nevertheless work perfectly, because the night off.
Before we go on the snow, we have a lot of things to be done.
The exterior of a motorhome it is advisable to thoroughly clean and sanitize all » rust dots “with a protective coating that salt, humidity and cold would not result in injury.
The undercarriage is best protected by regular washing, because with him up to dispose all the corrosive ingredients.
To protect against the weather do not forget on the front door, the door of the truck and garage boxes and similar external openings.
If these seals do not spread it, the stark cold can be pasted on the Windows and doors, you will no longer be opened. In the case of the basic vehicle, a motorhome subject to similar winter measures as in the case of a personal car.
Let us not forget the right footwear, equipment, the weight of the vehicle properly strong snow chains, warm gloves and a shovel.
Check the status of fluids, in particular the antifreeze in the cooling liquid of the engine radiator and winter temperatures adjusted detergent for windscreen washer.
The relevant equipment of the vehicle does not guarantee safety on the road.

 Heating in motorhome

This is the most important factor in winter, living comfort, because the Winter fairy tale may soon turns into a nightmare, if heating fails. Usually this happens when the least expect, but certainly we will chill in a motorhome stood well. A few days before going to the heating function tests prior to departure still enough time for possible repair.

Heating holiday vehicles is resolved in different ways.
The first rule of heating with gas during the winter is to use pure propane.
The problem occurs when the winter gets unprepared and we got in a vehicle just a cylinder with the mixture. It is therefore subject to the winter to prepare beforehand and buy a cylinder with propane. However, if we have the gas tank should be at the filling completely empty to avoid job Bhutan. Bhutan will remain unusable throughout the winter or until the temperature near the freezing point.
For heating a motorhome (and of course, any other use of gas) while driving, it is compulsory to use a pressure regulator on the gas fittings that cater for the real gas flow, and in the event of an accident to prevent its leakage.

 Water and Electricity


The water in the secondary vehicle we need in cooking and wash, for basic hygiene and flushing toilets.
Even if you live in a campsite with heated toilets, this basic comfort are difficult to cancel, even at night. In the winter because of the danger of frost what quickly arise problems with water, if the vehicle is not properly fitted.
In mobile homes, with heated double floor they usually will not. Many vehicles have heated container for waste water or isolated outdoor plumbing.
This solution is useful also for the waste water container, but it is very wasteful – electricity, winter already so low, if we are not connected to the network. Therefore, the solution in the extreme case: open valve containers for waste water, underneath the bucket.
Upon returning home, however, it is necessary to empty both the container and heater hoses, wiring, which will prevent damage due to frost, when the vehicle was in abeyance for still could.

Serial batteries size campers usually have a capacity of 90 Ah. In the summer, are sufficient for the whole weekend, even if they are not connected to the network, but not in the winter, since electricity consumption is higher, mainly due to of warm air. Before going to the snow completely charge the battery, but if you had a bad experience with it already in the summer, is ripe for replacement. For a stay of several days without a hitch on the network normal battery will not be sufficient, so it is advisable to replace it with a higher processor or install an additional, according to the capacity equal to the existing.