Advertising and pricing web site
On these pages can be your advertising and promotion, regardless of your activity and legal status in all the ways which we agree. Restrictions on the technical possibilities portal. Their wishes and suggestions to the administrator of this site know.
Interesting posts and author images and other materials are published free of charge.
Page content area and application domain is also for sale.
The indicative price of advertising (some examples)
Banner – Banner (size to be arranged) above the monthly € 15 € 150 a year left to be arranged.
Banner – Banner (size to be arranged) below € 15 per month per year € 150 left over at the convention.
Publication of paid advertising contribution (any length of video image link, etc. ..) 20 € for one year.
Your link link on our site € 10 a year.
The price of one year’s content hosting and domain € 1500
Price domain€ 1200

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